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Welcome to The Captain's Table!

Local Buxton Dinning, Various seafood and Non-seafood dishes suitable for "little mates", adults and everything in between.

The Captains Table

Fresh/Lunch/ Coming Soon

Lunch is Coming Soon!

Our lunch specials will include salads, baskets, burgers, crab cakes, flounder, sandwiches and much more...


Come and make The Captains Table will soon be your go-to lunch destination.


We would love to have you!

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Fresh/Dinner / Daily

Various dishes available for little mates and adults.

We have a variety of dishes and are sure you will always find something that strikes your eye! Whether you want to build your own entree or order a basket, you can never go wrong at The Captain's Table. Not only do we have the best seafood in Buxton, we have other dishes for the "non sea-food" enthusiast dinning in Buxton here with us.


Come on in and try our buffalo chicken sandwich or a rack of ribs!


We strive to make you feel as comfortable as you can with the best tasting meal possible.

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The Captains Table

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