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At The Captains Table we are known for our always fresh, local seafood. All of the seafood we serve is relative to Buxton, North Carolina. We do not import and seafood and guarantee that we will serve you fresh seafood everytime. Our customers are always satisfied and we ensure great service. Come on in today for great tasting, local seafood! We are also able to accommodate large parties.

The Captains Table

CLOSED 9/4 & 9/5
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Many stories have been told over the years around the various captains tables on Hatteras Island. However, none have been as mysterious as the “ghost ship of diamond shoals”.

In the early morning hours of January 31, 1921, a surfman stationed at USCG Cape Hatteras Station #183 Buxton, sited a five-mast schooner, with all sails set, aground off the south west end of diamond shoals. Five hours later, the coast guard surfboat approached the ship but the angry and unpredictable seas would not let the crew get close enough to board. No sign of life was visible. Four days later, the seas calmed enough for rescuers to read the name of the stranded vessel. It was the 250 foot Carroll A. Deering of Bath, Maine.

After boarding the ship, rescuers found no sign of her 11 man crew. A pot of coffee, a pot of pea soup, and a pan of spareribs were found ready to eat in the galley. The only life onboard was three cats that were later adopted by one of the rescue crew. Only a few items were taken off the boat that day including the ship’s bell and the captain’s bible to be returned to his family.

On February 14, 1921, four small sailboats left Hatteras Village with high hopes of finding more salvage on the Deering than their boats could carry. To all 15 men’s surprise, their one thought was that the grand ship had already been plundered. All the items removed from the ship sold for the sum of $841.75 to the villagers from Buxton to Ocracoke. The ship went for $25 to Lee Robinson of Hatteras. After three weeks of pounding on the “world’s worst shoals”, the magnificent Carroll A. Deering came apart. Still today, parts of this mysterious ship are scattered along the beaches of our ever changing island.

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